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WARNING: Not for the squeamish/faint-hearted, and probably guys. Proceed at your own discretion 😉

Karen Metsos from NakedCherry writes about their latest service for your girly bits: the “vajacial” – a post-waxing facial for your delicate cherry. 

What is the  Pristine Clean Cherry (PPC)?
A cleansing, smoothing facial treatment for your nether regions that offers the answer to ingrown hairs and those annoying “chicken skin” red bumps, as well as enhance your after-wax homecare routine.

Cherries in dew

Why you should have this treatment
If you have tried everything and you are unfortunately just prone to nasty ingrown, let us help extract them so they do not cause huge carbuncles under your skin, which may result in a tender bikini area or even worse – scarring.

When is the best time to have it done?
We recommend you make an appointment for 3 – 5 days after your bikini wax, or if you are shaver, then the day after shaving.

What does it involve and how long does it take?
On arrival, if you are new with us, your wax enthusiast will ask you to fill in a consultation card. After this she will guide you through to your treatment room, explaining how to prepare for your PCC. Your treatment will include a consultation, exfoliation, extractions, masque application and moisturizing, and will take roughly 45 minutes.

Who should have this treatment?
Anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs and want to ensure their cherry is the best it can be.

If you want to know more about this treatment, or any of the other services provided by Naked Cherry, you can chat to the ladies at SEXPO (Nasrec Expo Centre 26 – 29 September 2013). Find them within the Pharoah’s stand, where they will be doing bikini wax treatments (discreetly and privately, of course) and answering any questions you might have.


  1. Karen

    What a lovely review from a client (who wanted to remain anonymous : When I first heard about a vajacial I had to ask exactly what Karen was referring to and why a facial on my nether regions would be necessary. As a lay person and not too clued up on the reasons why beauticians use the various products they do, I value Karen’s expertise. Since going to NakedCherry I have a new appreciation for a beautician who has the experience and technique to make a Hollywood wax bearable and that gives her copious amounts of credibility. So when Karen suggested a vajacial, I wasn’t opposed to the idea. I have always struggled with ingrown hairs and even though they have lessened since going to Naked cherry I still succumb to the in-bound hair.
    Now believe me, being naked for anyone other than my husband is not something I look forward to and having someone touch me down there in the same way they would touch my face during a facial isn’t something I was excited about. Needless to say I was a little apprehensive but I know the ladies at Naked cherry well and they always make me feel comfortable with their superior level of professionalism, friendliness and above all hygiene.
    So why have a vajacial, I asked. When I got the reply I felt like an idiot! It went like this, ‘because its skin.’ That was a ‘duh-moment’. When I actually stopped to think about it, it makes perfect sense. We wax, we sweat and we clean the skin but that’s about it. Or it was for me. Our underwear also exacerbates ingrown hairs due to the friction along the seams by breaking the hairs and thereby causing more ingrown hairs. I always knew that exfoliating could help ingrown hairs, but the closest my ‘fan’ got to an exfoliation was an exfoliation scrub that had also previously been recommended by NakedCherry. Although the ingrown hairs had shown some improvement they were still there.
    A vajacial is just what I needed to help these ingrown hairs disappear. A vajacial includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising of the area. The actual vajacial wasn’t an unpleasant experience and the Derma Fix products used were soothing and refreshing on the skin.
    I can honestly say that the next few days were eye-opening. The skin was supple and extremely soft to the touch. The skin underneath the seams of my panties no longer felt stretched and for the first time I realised that I had felt uncomfortable before the vagacial. Within 48 hours 3 ingrown hairs had broken through the skin and it was a shocking realisation that they had clearly been there a while, judging by their length. It is now 2 weeks since my vajacial and ingrown hairs are still breaking through the skin together with the layers of dead skin that had been removed during the vajacial and the Lycon Ingrown X-it, which could now work properly.
    I am so impressed with the results of the vajacial I will be making it a standard part of my NakedCherry routine. Let’s face it, girls there’s nothing hotter than a smooth, supple ‘noo-noo’ teamed with a vajazzle.

    • Syllable

      Thanks for sharing this, Karen 🙂


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