Quaker Heaps of Fruit: two minutes to perfect oats

I recently received a delivery of Quaker Heaps of Fruit oats.

Now I’m not much of a breakfast person, except over weekends, if it’s made by someone else and contains bacon. During the week I don’t bother with the meal that’s been called the most important of the day. Or rather, I didn’t.

Quaker Heaps of FruitWhen I got the delivery of Quaker Heaps of Fruit, I decided I’d give the four variants a fair try. It only took one to get me hooked, and I’ve since continued to have a weekday breakfast habit of whole rolled oats, cherries and apple.

Why was I converted so easily? Well, it’s delicious and so quick and simple to make, there’s really no argument against it. As part of my delivery, I received a cereal bowl with a handy indicator of how much milk to pour into it. Then all I do is add the packet of oats, nuke it for 2 minutes, and breakfast is ready to go!

But even if I didn’t have my awesome bowl, making Heaps of Fruit is so easy – empty the packet of oats into your bowl, then fill up the empty packet with milk up to the indicated mark, pour it over the oats, microwave, etc.

I’m rather chuffed that I have a healthy start to the day now. If you’re like the former me, thinking breakfast takes too much time and costs too much, you need to quake up to Heaps of Fruit.


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