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If you enjoy discovering new restaurants and sharing your experience with others, you should check out Zomato – an online restaurant guide that was founded in Delhi in 2008, and now also includes Johannesburg in it’s areas of service.

Zomato foodie levels

Although listings are done by the Zomato team (tweet them if your favourite restaurant is not yet listed, and they will sort it out with contact details, GPS coordinates, images, etc.), the reviews are all user-generated. You can either access Zomato through their website, or through the Zomato app (available on all platforms – even BlackBerry :P).

The leaderboard displays the 25 top reviewers by city, based on the number of eligible reviews (50+ words) and followers. Top reviews are featured on the home page, along with the the week’s trending restaurants.

Zomato trending

So why should you sign up and participate? Well, to encourage users to be active, Zomato is rewarding the first 20 to write 50 eligible reviews and get 100 followers with an iPad Mini. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, because sometimes getting to 50 words without spouting absolute nonsense is trickier than you think; and you have no control over who/how many people follows you. You’re also only allowed to follow 25 people each day, which is clever on Zomato’s part – it ensures you come back! And yes, you really do get an iPad Mini for keeps.

I think it’s great that the reviews are written by ordinary people, not food critics or chefs necessarily, making it more authentic and relateable.

It’s not a competition, so you don’t really need luck to win – just dedication and a love for food and sharing. Sign up now, and if you feel like it, follow me, read my reviews, and most importantly, write your own!


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