Review: Three Perfect Liars

Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks is a title sent to me by the wonderful people over at Penguin Random House.

I’ve never read one of Heidi Perks’ books before but was intrigued by the publisher’s summary.

When an office fire ends in murder, three women are first in line for questioning. What is Laura trying to hide? What is Mia trying to protect? What would Janie risk for revenge? They never thought it would come to this. But nothing can be hidden forever… ‘

As someone who prefers audiobooks, this seemed like a doorstop of a book. Eventually I dove in and got drawn in.

Four stars

Three Perfect Liars exceeded my expectations – which was more cosy mystery than nail-biting suspense with mysterious and relatable characters. I actually had to force myself to put the book down when I had only a few pages left – it was late and my mind needed some time to settle if I’d planned to get any sleep.

I’m keen to read other titles by Heidi Perks. Have you read this or any of her other books? Let me know what you thought.


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