Rosebank The Zone brings us Creed


By Lungz Mathupha

You don’t have to be a Rocky fan to appreciate the brilliant acting skills (and good looks) of Michael B. Jordan in this mind-blowing production. Charisma and determination are plentiful as Jordan conveys the powerful story of Adonis Creed’s quest to face his biggest fears by using his strongest talents. Yes ladies and gents, this is very much a feel-good movie. But it’s also a tangle of emotions and you can’t help but take it all on.

Highlights: The powerful introductory scene and unexpected ending. You’ll have to go see for yourself.
Lowlights: The blossoming relationship is a tad expected and plays out in a predictable way. It drowns the opportunity, which was seemingly evident in the beginning, to make the female lead more than just Creed’s personal cheerleader.

Verdict: I’ve never watched a Rocky movie and can’t call myself much of a boxing fan – but I loved Creed, along with the throngs that attended the pre-screening at Rosebank’s The Zone. 4/5

The screening was part of the launch of the exciting new Food Zone at Rosebank’s The Zone, which includes Calistos (amazing tapas), Wakaberry, Mike’s Kitchen, Spur , Delhi Delicious and Häagen-Dazs amongst others. Make a point to try the salted caramel flavoured Häagen-Dazs – delish.

The concept of the refurbishments is themed #FoodieMeetsMovies and offers an array of restaurants and the Sterkinekor cinemas, including Prestige. It’s a great spot for a fun night out with the girls, so pick a date to come out and explore it. We’ll certainly be checking it out in future.


About the author, Lungile Mathupha: A wordsmith in the making and cupcake advocate who is passionate, adventurous – except camping (meh), always a student and one day hopes to live off love, cooking, laughter, good books and writing – bliss.


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