Ruby Wing Colour-Changing Nail Polish

Ruby-WingGuest post by Nafisa from Wired to the Web.

I was quite excited to be given a bottle of Ruby Wing colour changing nail polish to try out for a guest post here on Syllable in the City.

I received a bottle of green that changes to purple in the sun (yes, really!). It comes in a larger than normal sized bottle (compared to the ones I have) and I like the brush. It gives a decent smooth coat. You can get away with one coat depending how you apply it, but I added two coats. I used a base coat (Rimmel’s 5-in-1) and quick drying drops after the second coat.

Once it dried, I couldn’t wait to go in the sun! And within seconds, the green changed to purple. It was just so amazing to watch. Almost unbelievable. You can check out my Vine 🙂

It changed fairly quickly, that in the time it took me to activate camera mode, it started already. So I took before pics indoors, hence the different backgrounds.

As you can see below, this is what the transformation looked like:


The shade of purple it eventually changes to is very rich, I can’t decide which shade I prefer more, the green or the purple. Both are great! I have a slight obsession with blue and green shades so jumped at the chance to try the Ruby Wing colour changing polish.

I think the polish is really great for when you’re going on holiday. It makes a nice contrasting change having green indoors, and purple at the beach/poolside. Different looks with minimal effort. But, not limited to holidays and great for the approaching Spring/Summer season.

According to Ruby Wing’s website, they have 4 collections: Festival Paint, Original, Spring Garden and Cupcakes & Champagne. The colour I tested was Eternal from the Festival Paint swatch.

The nail polish retails for R150 from the Ruby Wing SA Facebook Page.

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  1. Gina

    So very cool!!!!


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