Syllable on the Garden Route: La Bella Deli and Restaurant

*Disclaimer: I didn’t explore the entire Garden Route; in fact, I barely scratched the surface, but I want to share my experiences so that every time I read this I remember one of the most restful holidays I’ve ever had.*

The last gem I discovered along the N2 I want to share, is La Bella Deli and Restaurant. Situated on the same premises as Baleia Wines – the two spots are run by siblings – La Bella is a light, open, family-friendly space.

On the deli side you will find everything from spices, Baleia wines and olives, handmade gifts, DIY supplies, freshly baked bread, deli meats and a decent selection of cheese. There were so many things I’d have loved to buy if only my budget and luggage allowed.

SITC La Bella Deli

On the restaurant side, there are couches facing a fireplace and big-screen television, and several tables where you can work or just relax. The afternoon after my Romonza adventure I browsed the shops across the road from La Bella: Caboodles, Sleeping Beauty Traders, and Bali Trading. And as I’m sure you’ll all agree, shopping – even if it’s just window shopping – is hard work.

SITC La Bella Restaurant

The friend I was visiting has told me about how lovely La Bella is and how sure he was I’d love the spot. So while I was waiting to pick him up from work, I relaxed at La Bella and ordered pizza for dinner. Holidaying is thirsty work, so I decided to try the BarOne milkshake. Yum!

SITC La Bella barone milkshake

Unfortunately, by the time I dropped in, it was almost closing time, so I didn’t really get a good feel for the place. To fix that, I decided it will be where I have breakfast on the way back to the airport. My friend had the La Bella Breakfast and I enjoyed the Vineyard Breakfast. The coffee – Truth Coffee both brewed and sold by La Bella – was so good I had two lattes; probably not the wisest choice for someone about to be airborne for 90 – 120 minutes, but I just couldn’t help it.

That did give me the opportunity to also take a peek at the restroom. The black, white, and grey tones are carried through to the facilities, which are very clean and understated. Simply everything about this space whispers quiet elegance.
The service is exceptional, with the waitress anticipating our departure and bringing the bill before we needed to ask for it.

I wish I had visited La Bella sooner, and more often. You can’t miss it from the N2, so be sure to schedule a stop here if you’re in the area.

For more info and activities along the Garden Route, download the Garden Route and Klein Karoo app.


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