Taking control of my life: NutriBullet

NutriBullet sent me the 600 series MagicBullet to try out. I’m thrilled because it should help me get closer to my goal weight.

One of the things the dietician strongly urged me to do was to increase my veggie intake. Fruit too, but considering the natural sugars, the scale should tip in favour of vegetables. Of course, the easiest way to get all of the natural nutrients out of fruits and veg is a smoothie. And there’s no faster or easier way to throw together smoothie than with a NutriBullet?

What’s in the box?

The NutriBullet I received included the base unit with a powerful 600 Watt motor, the blade unit, small cup, large cup, lid, handle, instruction manual and recipes, and a handy fruit, greens and grains guide.

What’s next?

Not sure where to start, exactly, but I’m buying some supplies this afternoon. The timing is perfect too – I’m undergoing a tooth extraction later today, and now I won’t have to go hungry while I heal.

Tell me about your NutriBullet experience

Please share your tips, tricks and recipes in the comments below – I’d love to hear why you love your NutriBullet.

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  1. Nafisa Akabor

    I have the exact same model and love it! We use it daily to have smoothies, either veg or protein shakes (been braking my fast with these – using whey powder, banana, date, almond milk, almond butter, some water), and I use it to liquidize tomatoes for my cooking.

    A little tip is to rinse the blade and container immediately when done and leave on the rack to dry instead of letting whatever is inside to thicken and dry in the sink, which may be difficult to wash off the next time you want to use it.


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