The importance of gratitude

Before I get stuck into this post, the reason for it is every person who is reading this now. Maybe you’ve never visited my blog before; maybe you’re subscribed and get a mail every time I post something (even the “test” posts I immediately delete); perhaps you’ve subscribed through a reader app; you may be my awesome stalker who’s been here from the start (an extra-special thank you to you!); you might be a fellow UBC-er popping in; you could just be a serial competition-enterer. I don’t know many of you, but I’m grateful for you. Every. Single. One.

This post is for you!

In recent months Syllable in the City has seen a significant increase in traffic, and that makes it all worthwhile: the panic about what to post when the reviews become few and far between; the step to share more of who I am and not just stuff that I like (I still get a little panicky when I do those posts).

My gratitude extends beyond you coming here to read the stuffs. It’s also about mutual respect and honesty. Not only do you trust what I say, but I can trust you to tell me when I’m being silly, insecure, and even when I’m great. I wouldn’t swap you guys for anything.

Back to why being grateful and showing appreciation is so important. It doesn’t only validate the person being thanked but makes the praise-giver feel good. Sincerely thanking people for things they might not even realise is a big deal will make them more likely to do it again. And if what they do is a big deal to you, the circle is complete.

As far as I’m concerned, gratitude is like happiness:


Laura Trice says it is just as important to state what you need thanks for; insecurity is a human flaw (I might be generalising here; it could just be a Syllable flaw), always questioning and doubting ourselves, measuring up against imaginary indicators. If those we care about knew how to help us get through anxious moments by saying thanks for putting ourselves out there, we can feel justified, and they can know the difference they made in our lives. It can also motivate us to be better employees/friends/people in general.

Every visit to this blog is thanks enough. Every comment, every share on all the wonderful social platforms, every like, reminds me why I blog (and it’s not just to keep the words from driving me more insane). Thank you for reading 🙂


  1. Khalid Raza

    This is so important and so simple that people do not realize the importance and impact of expressing gratitude. The impact does not stop at making others feel better and nice but goes on to make a more happy world to live in with more love-filled relations. I wrote a similar blog a while ago and leaving it here for your read :
    Thank you!

    • Syllable

      Thank you Khalid. So often the words “thank you” are perfunctory – we don’t think about it, we don’t mean it. I think it is important to sincerely thank people who matter.
      I appreciate you stopping by to read, and for sharing your post. 🙂


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