This February I love iHouzit

iHouzit is a wonderful décor shop located in the Design Quarter. They also have a cosy event space upstairs. Visit their online shop to see some of their amazing products.

I’ve read about design trends for this year and iHouzit has something that caters to several of these décor directions.

Dual-purpose furniture

This is something I absolutely love. I have this strange storage/seat situation that I used as my laundry basket before moving in with Grant. And I’m obsessed with the idea of a blanket box at the foot of our bed. Only it will probably be filled to the brim with yarn.

This set of blue-and-gold ottomans from iHouzit is stylish and functional. #love

Rattan and wicker

We have a rattan and wicker set of drawers in the bedroom (currently partly used for yarn storage) that Grant absolutely loathes. I’m not sure whether he dislikes the material it’s made of, or whether there’s some history there. I’m using it at the moment and while it’s not my favourite thing in the house, I don’t have strong feelings about it either way.

I do love this Akit armchair from iHouzit with its natural rattan finish and mahogany wooden legs.

Wabi Sabi

This Japanese sentiment relates to beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent and incomplete”. It has been made popular around the internet through crockery that was restored with golden highlights to focus on the imperfection of the broken made whole – it will never be perfect again, but therein lies its beauty.

The Anaport coffee table is an incredible work of Wabi Sabi in teak wood and would make a great addition to any home. Shop for it at iHouzit.

iHouzit in Design Quarter

I visited iHouzit’s shop after a friend tagged me in one of their Facebook posts. You see, the barista at their coffee shop is hearing impaired and they have a poster that shows customers the necessary hand signs to order their favourite cuppa. They also offer cake and all of this can be enjoyed in the upstairs space.

When I was there, my eye was caught by the Koko headboard in natural wood. Grant and I bought this enormous bed on Black Friday and I just love the detail on this piece.

The La Forma Helia cabinet would be perfect bedside tables, as the bed is so high we might as well put stuff on the floor for the effort it is to reach anything currently placed next to the bed. And it gives us more storage options.

iHouzit online

While doing research I lost hours browsing the iHouzit website.

I moved in with Grant at the end of November and I still have three (or is it four?) boxes that haven’t been unpacked because they contain books and we’ve run out of shelf space. The Disset bookshelf is perfect for the guest bedroom and I’m pretty sure would be sufficient for the three (or four) boxes of books. Probably. Maybe.

And because I’m determined to up my gin game in 2020, I find this set of four rose champagne coupes by Nicolson Russell absolutely irresistible.

All images in this post were sourced from the iHouzit website. Pop over to Instagram to see some of the pics I took the first time I visited them in Design Quarter.


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