Visit Goldcrest at the Good Food and Wine Show in Johannesburg

You probably know by now that the Good Food and Wine Show is taking place later this week in Johannesburg at the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate. And with so many demonstrations and workshops – not to mention food, and well, wine (also craft beer!) – planned, you should definitely work this into your schedule.

Make a point of visiting the Goldcrest stand (H9-H16) to see amateur cooks taking up kitchen challenges, and learn a few foodie tips during the demonstrations (see schedule below).

18151 Good Food & Wine Show Schedule of Events R Paths

As it happens, yours truly have signed up for the Dish! Challenge, which will require that I cook a dish and prepare a beverage for four people. Within an hour, and with a mystery basket of ingredients. Baking is a science, but cooking? Yes, I think I’ll be okay. Maybe not win the ultimate trip to Singapore prize, but I feel confident that I won’t poison anyone at the very least.

I might even hand over my phone to one of my followers to live-tweet this adventure! Or not. I’ll have to sleep on it.

On Saturday and Sunday Goldcrest will be hosting a few demonstrations to make life easier and more interesting. One of the themes is Packed! – will show how Goldcrest products can help you create amazing lunches.


My main meal during the work week is lunch, which is why I always (okay, almost always) pack something rather than giving in to pie specials, smoothie stickers, or just plain wackiness. It also forces me to cook, because I can get very lazy. I could easily live off eating tinned items straight from their containers, and while this usually includes veggies, I suspect my colleagues will look at me like the crazy person I’ve managed to convince them I’m not.

And because life is too short to munch on sad cheese spread sarnies, I think getting a few ideas and inspiration from Goldcrest is just the ticket!

Speaking of tickets – the lovely people at Goldcrest are giving me two single tickets to give to two lucky readers to attend the Good Food and Wine Show on Saturday or Sunday AND cook live with Harry and the Goldcrest Chef, Jodi, on stage. Learn something, have some fun, and win some cool prizes!

How do you get your hands on one of those tickets? It is quite simple, really. Tell me your packed lunch staple in the comments below. I’ll randomly select and announce the winner on Thursday 31 July.


  1. Mapontsho B. Ntshole

    My packed lunch staple is fruit.

  2. Claudz

    My lunch staple would have to be a wrap. Easy, healthy and can be served warm or cold depending on the weather and my mood.


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