When inspiration hits

A day at TEDx Johannesburg

By Lungz Mathupha

Soweto Theatre recently played host to the TEDx Johannesburg, leaving many attendees highly satisfied. The event was well organised with refreshments provided during the talks and a delicious lunch after the first few sessions. Through this event, the SA stories we keep asking ourselves about – groundbreaking innovation, beating the odds, providing assistance beyond our borders and a thriving arts scene, were plentiful.

Each speaker opened up their world to us and it was truly extraordinary. Entrepreneur Martin Brown’s moving story about how a simple stick helped him to make new dreams and form a multi million rand company. Mechanical engineer, Nickey Janse van Rensburg showed us how she’s thrilling little children in particular with the first solar powered car. We wish we had seen the giant flag phenomenon Guy Lieberman shared with us. I particularly enjoyed Lauren Beukes’ talk because her journey to writing was so close to my own.

Overall, I was overcome by a sea of emotions – happiness, pride, excitement – and felt very inspired. I would definitely recommend this event as a lesson in expanding your knowledge and reflecting on the impact you are making to your world. The most important lesson learnt was directing efforts to changing your world – and not seeking to change the world. Use your talents and mind to be the superhero you wish upon the world. And with this new found knowledge to TEDx 2016 we go.

About the author, Lungile Mathupha: A wordsmith in the making and cupcake advocate who is passionate, adventurous – except camping (meh), always a student and one day hopes to live off love, cooking, laughter, good books and writing – bliss.


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