Why you should embark on your pleasure journey

As women, we often consider things like a spa day or a shopping spree pleasurable. But when we really think about it, these are superficial events that we draw enjoyment from but aren’t genuinely pleasurable. Browsing the aisles at DisChem is not a pleasure journey, even though we all want to give all of our money to them every time we step through their doors.

We’ve grown up in a world where the pleasure and fulfilment of women aren’t discussed, at least not openly. However, that is slowly changing. So why should you embark on a road to discover true enjoyment?

Better intimacy

From the perspective of a heterosexual woman, often the focus is on your man’s satisfaction. I must insert a disclaimer here. I’m fortunate that this has never really been the focus for me. I’ve always been lucky enough to have considerate, generous partners who were keen to learn how to pleasure me.

There are many women for whom this is not the case. I’m still shocked that there are women who’ve never achieved an orgasm when it’s something I suppose I take for granted. I hope that at least one of those ladies read this and decide to go on their own pleasure journey.

Better self-love

Since the pandemic struck in 2020, the idea of self-love has become a greater focus for many people. But self-love is so much more than applying a face mask and binging the latest must-watch Netflix series. It should be time you set aside to get to know yourself, to find parts of you that you want to embrace or heal. And knowing your body as much as your mind is part of self-love. After all, they are very much connected when it comes to pleasure. When you feel stressed, whether to please your partner or because you’ve had a tough day at work, your pleasure is automatically moved to the backburner. It becomes more difficult to let go and experience the moment fully.

Start your pleasure journey

The first step is to give yourself permission to find your pleasure. We are weighed down by society’s rules and expectations, our upbringing, frame of reference, and beliefs, and none of the same pressures are applied to men. So, decide today that you deserve the same freedom.

You need the right support. A community of women who experience similar challenges and frustrations. Together you may find the answers to greater pleasure.

Something I believe will throw the door to your enjoyment wide open is signing up for a course on My Pleasure Journey.

I was invited to try The Pleasure Embrace, a 14-lesson course to help women form a deeper connection to their pleasure experiences.

The Pleasure Embrace

Each lesson in the course is short, with additional resources and some homework – nothing overwhelming, simply deeper self-love.

As I worked through each lesson, it became clear that I freed myself from so many of the taboos that hold women back.

I loved lesson nine, which encourages each woman to create her own pleasure studio. The two lessons that followed also helped me better understand and explore what I like. Touch doesn’t need to be focused on traditional erogenous zones. And in lesson 11, touch is the absolute focus.

Who should sign up for this course?

The Pleasure Embrace is suitable for anyone who identifies as a woman, whether you’re single or in a relationship. The course is about sensuality and pleasure, more than just sex.

Simply grab a nice, new notebook and your favourite pen, and head over to The Pleasure Embrace on the My Pleasure Journey site.

Want to share your experience? Leave a comment below to tell me how the course changed your perception of pleasure.


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