Work or play, stay at 20 on West

20 on West is part of The Capital Hotels and Apartments. Grant and I were invited to stay over – dinner, bed and breakfast included.

About The Capital

The Capital claims to be “just like home, but better” and after our night at 20 on West I can totally see it as a home away from home for business people who need to travel and stay away from their own residences, especially for extended periods.

Our room at 20 on West

Situated in the heart of Sandton, the view from the fifth floor was pretty spectacular – the horizon’s dotted with cranes and buildings in progress, evidence of the city’s constant renewal and expansion.

Calling it a room is not completely accurate – we stayed in a one-bedroom apartment. It is furnished with absolutely everything necessary for a starter home: dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, stove, microwave, fridge/freezer, air conditioner, televisions (one in the living room, one in the bedroom). The bathroom has a double basin, shower, bath and toilet.

The best part of the bedroom is the fantastic linen and black-out curtains. Unfortunately, the worst part is the constant construction, with an active site situated right outside our window.

Dining at The Veranda

The in-house restaurant at 20 on West – The Veranda – offers seating inside and out, and an extensive menu for both food and drinks. While sipping on my Piña Colada we were brought some bar snacks to enjoy – mixed nuts and crispy potato skins, the latter something I’ve never had before and was surprisingly yummy.

My phone’s battery was running a little low and because we were heading out after dinner, I was worried that I’d end up with a dead phone. Fortunately, there’s a charging station right outside, in the reception area, which is equipped to charge a variety of devices, and the concierge will lock your phone inside (remember that the hotel isn’t liable if something should happen to it while it’s left to charge).

The food was delicious, and I was very tempted to just go back upstairs and crawl into bed, but we had tickets to go watch the Bohemian Rhapsody premier.

Sweet dreams

I’ve already mentioned how amazing the linen is. Grant and I slept on either side of the bed, partially because we’re used to a puppy being stretched out between us, and also because the actual bed is enormous.

We got back late and woke up from the construction bright and early the next day, so we felt a bit tired as we made our way down to breakfast. I think if you tend to get up after six, the construction is something you need to keep in mind if you’re considering your stay at 20 on West. Honestly, that’s the only thing about our stay that was less than pleasant.

Breakfast of champions

We enjoyed the breakfast buffet with some great coffee and fresh orange juice. There’s something there for everyone, and I suppose the offering is pretty standard for breakfast in the hospitality industry, but the excellent service really sets 20 on West apart from many other establishments I’ve stayed at over the years.

Closing thoughts

We were both pretty impressed by how well-appointed the apartment was. On the one hand it would’ve been great to stay over for another night, but on the other, I don’t think either Grant or I could’ve dealt with the early-morning construction again.

20 on West also has a beautiful, inviting pool and it would’ve been nice to lounge under an umbrella with a cocktail – reading and napping and pretending to be on a full-on staycation. As The Capital has various other outlets, I’m sure we’ll pop in somewhere for a “do-over”.

Thanks again to Tribeca PR for organising our overnight stay.


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