Fierce fashion to get you in a festive mood

My mom started a fashion tradition where she’d buy me a new dress for Christmas every year. When I got older I bought myself a new dress for my birthday AND Christmas; sure it was only two weeks apart, but any fashionista will tell you that even if you’re okay with repeating an outfit, twice in one month is too soon when both events are pretty major and more than likely to result in lots of photos.

Due to circumstances, and me being the one taking pictures at Christmas more often than not, I’ve scaled down to getting just one new dress a year. This year’s dress came from my gran’s wardrobe and I felt really pretty wearing it (although I only wore it after my birthday, thanks to the miserable weather). However, sometimes fierce totally trumps pretty, and finding this collection of aristocratic dresses from BuzzFeed, I absolutely had to share it.

Which of the dresses do you like best? While the one above definitely appeals to my love for maxi dresses, and they are all mostly fabulous, I would be very happy if I found the Balenciaga evening dress ca. 1952 waiting for me wrapped under the Christmas tree 🙂


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