The Capital Menlyn on Maine for the best night’s sleep

The Capital’s team invited us for a night’s stay at their Menlyn on Maine hotel and early in May, we took them up on the offer.

Traffic from Jo’burg was a nightmare. There was something wrong on the N1 so Waze took us on a very scenic route through suburbs with some breathtaking houses. Needless to say, by the time we got to The Capital Menlyn on Maine, we were pretty fed up with being stuck in the car.

Good enough for the Proteas

While checking in, Grant asked Daniel P – such a cool guy – why they were wearing Standard Bank-branded shirts. Turns out they were also welcoming the Proteas for a stay. There was also some kind of event – seemed like an awards ceremony – with people dressed to the nines. 

The suite

The Capital Menlyn on Maine is pretty new and this suite was just amazing. Like the one at The Capital 20 on West, it featured a washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave oven, fridge/freezer – pretty much everything you need in a place you intend to live in long term. The balcony looked out on the pool and the inner court of the Menlyn on Maine centre.

Naturally, the bedroom was my favourite. I could spend days in a hotel bed – fluffy pillows, crisp linen, space for days! What’s not to love?

The toiletries are by Charlotte Rhys (fancy!) and I spent a scandalous long time just lying in the bath.

The surroundings

Before doing my hippo impression in the bath, Grant and I walked around the area. There is still a lot of construction in the surrounding space, but far enough that it didn’t wake us the next morning. 

We crossed the road to Time Square and strolled through the casino – two storeys of it! There are a couple of restaurants in there, but in the end, we strolled back to Menlyn on Maine for dinner.

I’d been wanting to go to Old Town Italy for a long time, so that’s where we ended up. We both ordered from the Chef’s Menu – I had the salmon pasta (so delicious I could eat it three times a day, every day) while Grant ordered the grain-fed rump. I had a taste of it and it seemed like the meat wasn’t seasoned at all, so that was a little disappointing. 

Good night, sleep tight

We were in bed around 22:00, Grant watching Facebook videos and me playing Gardenscapes (don’t judge me), but we were off to la-la land before 23:00.

I needed to get up to answer nature’s call. It was still dark, so I thought it’s probably around six. We’ve been battling to get a proper night’s sleep with Jasper being restless and Bella snoring, and I usually get up at five to miss traffic, so I’m used to my body waking me up bright and early even on weekends.

But my phone said it was 8:15. No way! The clock on the microwave also read 8:15. I decided to take a peek outside and was almost blinded the moment I pulled the black-out curtains aside. We had slept for at least nine solid hours. And I wanted more!

The most important meal – supposedly

Breakfast. It’s not a meal I often have, but when you’re on a staycation, it is compulsory, right?

Koi restaurant is part of The Capital Menlyn on Maine (you can order room service from them). I thought breakfast might be an odd fit for what I know as a seafood restaurant (disclaimer I’ve never been to any of the Koi restaurants) but what a delicious spread! I had an omelette along with some bits from the warm buffet, and Grant ordered a second cappuccino (they were really good). 

It appeared as though there was a Rich Dad seminar happening that morning, with people wearing name badges in the foyer.

Checking out

I’m a little embarrassed to say that we had to ask for our room key to be reactivated again – they reset at 10:00 because you need to go home. We didn’t want to. But eventually we did. 

A big thank you for The Capital team for inviting us again, and Daniel P at Menlyn on Maine for his friendly welcome and goodbye. Everyone we’ve interacted with at both this hotel and 20 on West were amazing.

If the dogs don’t behave, we might go back for a whole weekend.


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