Why get one tattoo when you can get two?

I’ve done it. I’ve finally joined the inked ones; the creative ones; the ones left behind. We have tangible reminders of people, places, experiences. Because sometimes, when things are bad, you need to be reminded that they can be good. And often when things are great, you need to be reminded how easily that can change, so you can stay grounded.

But not only have I gotten my Sigma (being not only debt-free but also having the funds to do so thanks to my wonderful colleagues who did a collection for my birthday in December), I also got a semicolon on my right wrist. You can read why both of those symbols are significant.

Black Panther Tattoo Company

I can definitely recommend Mercia at Black Panther Tattoo Company. She was so laid back and cool that I wasn’t nervous at all. And thanks to Binwe for the moral support and bottom pic. You’re pretty awesome.


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